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Math Genius Olympiad Exam

Math Genius Olympiad Exam

Organizing of Math Genius Olympiad Exam at Yash English School

As per the directives of the school president, Mr. Balasaheb Akat, the *Math Genius Olympiad Exam* was conducted at Yash English School on Saturday, October 7, 2023.

A total of 109 students from grades 1 to 6 participated in this competition. All the teachers provided valuable guidance to the students for their preparation. The principal of the school, Mr. Shamir Sheikh, and the chief coordinator of the competition, Mrs. Kolpe, played a significant role in overseeing the event. The examination, conducted under the leadership of Principal Shamir Sheikh and the guidance of Mrs. Kolpe, was challenging and had a time constraint of 30 minutes.

The main organizer of the competition, Mr. Shrivishankar More, personally attended the event and ensured its smooth execution. The aim of this examination was to enhance students’ knowledge, boost their self-confidence, and instill a sense of healthy competition. The detailed information about the competition will be communicated to the students, and they are encouraged to actively participate in future editions of such exams.

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