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Diwali sky lanterns

Diwali sky lanterns

Yash Primary English School, Satana organized a workshop for making Diwali sky lanterns.

On the 8th of November 2023, Yash Group’s President, Mr. Balasaheb Akat, conceptualized an event to create Diwali sky lanterns in the school premises. A significant number of students enthusiastically participated in this endeavor.

At this event, the beautifully crafted artworks made by the students were displayed. The Chief Guest for the program was Mr. Yash Maheshrao Akat, with Principal Mr. Shaikh Sir presiding over the ceremony. The students showcased a variety of colorful and attractive sky lanterns created with their own hands using different materials and techniques. Guidance for this artistic venture was provided by Ms. Kolhe Mam and Ms. Patil Mam.

Additionally, the school courtyard was adorned with beautiful rangoli designs and decorations by the school staff, creating a festive atmosphere.

During the program, Principal Shamir Shaikh addressed the students, providing guidance on the safe use of firecrackers during Diwali, completing Diwali homework assigned by subject teachers, organizing a pollution-free Diwali, and how to be considerate while bursting firecrackers. The students, teachers, and parents were given diverse insights on these topics, making the event educational and enjoyable.

The program concluded with the distribution of Diwali greetings to students, teachers, and parents by the Yash Group of Institutes. The entire event was successfully coordinated by Mr. Jayaram Chavan, and special thanks were given to Ms. Sujata Bidve for her efforts.

The teachers and staff were also felicitated by Yash Group of Institutes with Diwali greetings at the end of the program.

Capturing some moments of their joy,